History of Ses Salines

The easily accessible southern region of Mallorca was occupied by the first men and women who crossed the Mediterranean Sea. It is believed that it was in the first Bonze age when the first inhabitants came to the island. Around 1300 BC. Mallorca experienced the invasion of the Talaiòtic peoples, a warrior culture specific to the island of Mallorca and neighboring Menorca, which would last until Roman domination. Many vestiges remain from this period, such as the Talayotic settlement of Els Antigors, one of the most well-known in scientific literature in Mallorca, as it was excavated by Colomines in the 1920s. The salt pans of Sa Vall, in Colònia de Sant Jordi, are the second oldest in the world (4th century BC), since their exploitation was started by Punic merchants. Salt continued to be the main reason of interest for the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Christians. These same saline sources, due to their importance, would explain the etymological origin of the municipality. Its extraction is still carried out today with traditional methods during the month of August.

Monument de Ses Salines Mallorca


Els Antigors

When we arrive at the Antigors, the first thing we find is the majestic talaiot known as Sa Talaia Joana, which preserves its entrance, its corridor and several drums of the central column, one in place and the other in ruins. Its imposing height places it among the great talaiots of Mallorca. Near the talaiot, we can observe a section of wall about 25 m long that reaches one of the gates of the village. The door retains its threshold and the inner structure of the wall is in good condition.

Within the village, the most interesting monument is the second excavated talaiot. It does not preserve the monumentality of the first, but it is empty, it preserves the corridor, although uncovered, and it has the base of the column inside. The rest of the village consists of clappers, some of them covering old monuments, but of little interest. Hours and access: Open all year. From Ses Salines, we go along Carrer des Torrent in a southeast direction to leave the town. Before having traveled 1km, on the left, we will find the site. Easily accessible and without specific restrictions.

This building is the first church in Ses Salines, built in 1644. Over time, it became insufficient due to the increase in population in the area. Its classic facade has a small rose window that overlooks Plaça Sant Bartomeu. Currently, it is not used for religious services, but has been converted into a cultural building that hosts art exhibitions, conferences and also functions as a tourist office.

Isla de na Guardis en Colònia de Sant Jordi Mallorca

Other monuments of interest

In Colonia de Sant Jordi there are also Punic remains on the island of Na Guardis and Roman boats near the coast. In addition, there are three monuments of military architecture: the fortified building of the 15th century, called s’Estany, located next to the saltworks; the 14th century watchtower of s’Avall; and the tower of Ca’n Barbarà, next to the Parish Church.

Fairs and Festivals

Welcome to the Festivals and Fairs of Ses Salines, a town located in the south of Mallorca, which offers exciting celebrations throughout the year. Highlights include the festivals of Sant Antoni, Sant Jordi, the Salt Fair, Sant Joan, Festes de la Colonia and Sant Bartomeu on August 24. These festivities reflect the rich culture and history of this locality. From traditional parades to live music shows and art activities, there is something for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of this town and enjoy its unique festivals and fairs.

Sant Antoni - January 16th and 17th

In mid-January, Sant Antoni arrives in the town. On January 16th, in the early evening, the Colla de Demonis Maria Enganxa and the group of demons and devils light bonfires throughout the town. The most traditional dinner is roasting meat, sausages and bread in the heat of the campfire. The following day, January 17th, the Beneïdes take place, a parade of people, animals and floats that the priest blesses as they pass.

Sant Jordi - April 23th

Every year, throughout the month of April, the Colonia de Sant Jordi celebrates the festivities in honor of its patron saint, Sant Jordi. For more than a week, the town organizes various activities such as exhibitions, concerts, markets of traditional products, drawing and photography competitions, among others.

May 1 Show Fair

The Fira Espectacle on May 1st is a must-see for all salt workers as well as for any visitor who happens to be in the area these days. This tradition, well-rooted in Mallorca’s festive calendar, is organized by Ses Salines Town Council with the collaboration of individuals, volunteers, groups and associations, who get involved year after year.

The Spectacle Fair also signals the beginning of good weather: that is why the streets of Ses Salines become for about three weeks the island’s fair center with a large amount and variety of products, with special emphasis on the most crafts, all combined with the diverse and own gastronomy, this as in a wide offer of leisure and leisure for all ages.

Highlights include activities and shows for children, cooking demonstrations, the Sunday craft market and, of course, the Great Equestrian Show on May 1st.

Sant Joan - June 23rd

On the night of Sant Joan, on June 23, the impressive Correfoc de Cala Galiota is celebrated in Colonia de Sant Jordi, a magical show full of light and fire where demons, traditional figures of Majorcan folklore, dance by the sea to the rhythm of the batucada drums. Afterwards, it’s time to enjoy and dance at the Traditional Revetlla on the night of Sant Joan.

Colonia Summer Festivals - End of July

The summer festivals of the Colònia de Sant Jordi are an opportunity to enjoy fun for all ages. Both families and friends can enjoy these festivities full of exciting events. From the sporting events, which are already a benchmark in Mallorca, to the Revetlla, cultural activities, music and much more. It is a perfect time to gather and celebrate together with loved ones. Colonia de Sant Jordi offers a wide variety of options for everyone. You can’t miss these parties full of fun and entertainment during the summer.

Sant Bartomeu - August 24th

At the end of August, the celebration of Sant Bartomeu, the patron saint of the municipality, is approaching. The town is filled with joy and the sounds of chanting fill the air. The festivals of Ses Salines offer a wide variety of activities, where sport and culture play a prominent role. The most anticipated event is the Horse Festival, as well as the exciting jewel races, where young people challenge the fearsome Old Demon.

Every year, on the last Saturday of August, Ses Salines celebrates the Horse Festival, an equestrian parade full of emotion and tradition. It is an unmissable event during the Sant Bartomeu Festival and is recognized throughout Mallorca. The sound of the flute, the elegantly trotting horses and an enthusiastic audience are the protagonists of this very special event.

ArtinSal - First weekend of October

Art floods the main streets and squares of Ses Salines at the beginning of autumn. ArtinSal is a multidisciplinary art exhibition that accommodates a wide range of artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, music, dance, performance, video art… An event that starts in the afternoon with activities for children and which continues until 12 at night and which has the participation of more than a hundred artists.