Ses Salines Beaches

Discover the paradisiacal beaches of Ses Salines in Mallorca. Explore the coast of Ses Salines and marvel at its dream beaches and coves. With a perfect combination of rocky stretches and fine sand, these beaches are a true paradise. They proudly display the blue flag, a guarantee of quality and cleanliness. Start your adventure on the beach, from the port, and follow the path to Cap de ses Salines, enjoying a 9.3 km route full of natural beauty. Take part in this unique experience and discover the paradise of Ses Salines in Mallorca.

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Es Dolç beach

Discover Playa de es Dulce in Ses Salines, Majorca Arenal of fine white sand, with crystal-clear waters and a seabed full of secrets. From the islet of na Guardis to Colonia de Sant Jordi, diving among unique remains and Roman galleys is a must. Come by car or public transport and enjoy this underwater paradise.

Estanys beach

Estanys beach, located between the points of Sa Llova and des Tords, offers you a unique experience. With a beach of fine sand and a gentle slope, this paradisiacal spot is surrounded by a dune system with native vegetation. Its calm waters are perfect for anchoring boats. It enjoys an exceptional marine and underwater environment.

Cala Galiota

Cala Galiota, located six kilometres from Ses Salines, is an urban beach with coarse golden sand, rocky shores and a similar seabed. This piece of saline coastline is frequented mainly by local inhabitants. Its steep slope is reflected in the 2 m depth at only 50 m from the shore.

Es Carbó beach

This unspoilt beach, just 0.9 km from Colonia Sant Jordi, is a well-kept secret for locals and visitors alike. With a walk from Colonia Sant Jordi or Cap de ses Salines, you can enjoy this wide beach of fine sand covered with posidonia and sea branches. If you prefer, you can arrive by boat and anchor carefully near the blocks. A unique experience just 0.9 nautical miles from the port of sa Colònia de Sant Jordi.

Es Port beach

Enjoy this emblematic beach. Playa de es Port is an idyllic refuge in Colonia de Sant Jordi. From its history as a natural portage to the present day as a tourist resort, this beach has a special charm. Easily accessible by car or bus, it offers free parking and is only a few metres from the nearest bus station.

Es Cotó beach

A solitary jewel to enjoy. Playa de Es Coto invites you to a quiet experience. With golden sand and rocky slopes covered with posidonia seaweed, this beach offers privacy and a gentle slope. Although its seabed is rocky and shallow, it is a perfect place to sunbathe and relax without the crowds. The area is accessible by car, with free parking a few metres away, or from the bus stop about 700 metres away.

Es Dofí beach

Discover this beautiful cove located between the beaches of es Dolç and es Carbó, 6 km from Ses Salines. With its coastline of sand and rocks and the presence of islands in front of it, it offers spectacular scenery. You can also visit the Cap de Ses Salines Natural Area of Special Interest and enjoy the cactus garden at s'Avall. A paradisiacal corner in Mallorca.

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Interpretation Centre of Cabrera

Discover the natural riches of this island territory in Ses Salines, Mallorca. With the aim of preserving the environment and the tranquillity of the species that live there, you can only visit a delimited area near the port of Cabrera. This centre is ideal for learning and better understanding the park’s values. The aquariums exhibit the marine species, while another section shows the terrestrial environment. The installations, inspired by the Mediterranean talayots, reveal the rich history and culture of the island. Discover a unique experience on this Mediterranean beach.

Ornithology in Ses Salines

Discover the extraordinary ornithological importance of the southern part of Mallorca. This area is a real paradise for bird lovers, and there are several reasons that make it unique and special. One of the reasons is the quantity and quality of nesting seabirds. In the southern part of Mallorca, almost half of all breeding pairs of Audouin’s gulls find their breeding grounds. In addition, there are also important populations of European storm petrels, Cory’s shearwaters, Balearic shearwaters and cormorants.

This area is also an important habitat for several species of birds of prey, such as ospreys, queen’s falcons and peregrine falcons. In addition, aquatic birds are present both during the breeding season, with species such as stilts, sandpipers, black-legged plovers and white ducks, and during the winter, when flamingos, tiforts, sandpipers and magpies can be seen.

However, the ornithological spectacle is at its best during the migrations, which are particularly remarkable and diverse in this area. Every spring and autumn, thousands of bird lovers come from far-off countries to accompany these migrations and enjoy the exceptional variety of species that pass through. Warblers, warblers, bigheaded warblers, flycatchers, bitxaques, CUA-, swallows, terns, terns, martins, harriers, gannets… the list of migratory species seems endless and captivates the enthusiasm of their followers.

For this reason, the region is protected by several conservation figures, including a National Park and other regional and European protection figures. In addition, there are several SPAs (Special Protection Areas for Birds) found in this area, recognising the enormous importance of the area for birds and their conservation.

Birdwatching is a pleasurable and addictive activity that offers remarkable satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief, it does not require a great deal of knowledge or advanced equipment. All you need is enthusiasm and the desire to enjoy nature, its flights and its twittering. Accompanied by a field notebook for your notes, you will be able to capture everything you observe, hear and experience.

Although it is advisable to have suitable binoculars, a telescope or camera, this equipment is not essential to start enjoying wild birds. Birds are easy to see and invite you to look at them. Whether they are seabirds, birds of prey, waterfowl, forest birds or agricultural birds, they are all within reach of your eyes, within reach of your enthusiasm.

With this passion for birdwatching, you can discover the beauty of nature and get closer to a fascinating world. Come and enjoy the thrill of watching birds in their natural habitat in Ses Salines de Mallorca.